Shaura Hall

Shaura is a Multi Modal therapist with qualifications in Neurosomatic Psychotherapy (NCIP), Yoga Therapy (C-IYAT), Supervision and and is an Interfaith Minister and founder of the Pilamaya Centre. Her background has allowed her to support hundreds of clients and students who seek to find balance in today’s world.

Shaura Hall

“In all of the things that I do and offer, the vision is very simple ~
help people connect to life and realise the intention of their soul.
” ~ Shaura Hall

Shaura Hall - Psychotherapy Training
Shaura Hall
Shaura Hall - Psychotherapy Training
Yoga Therapy
Shaura Hall - Psychotherapy Training
Interfaith Ministry


A warm welcome.  I am Shaura Hall, and you have landed on my personal website. Here, you will find information about my work as a Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapist, Therapeutic Supervisor, Multimodal Healer, Interfaith Minister, and any in-person events held at The Space in Eyam Hall Courtyard.



Magical Egypt Retreat: A Sacred Spirit Journey Through Time 8-18th October 2024

Shaura Hall - Peru Retreat Psychotherapy, Yoga Therapy, Interfaith Ministry and Clinical Supervision in Eyam and online.

Integration Psychotherapy: A Fresh Wave of Consciousness is Arriving – London 2024/26

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